Can I use the music I download anyway I want?

In short, no.

  • You ARE allowed to use our music for personal or commercial use and you can edit the music (fade, crop, cut, copy, stretch, loop) etc. to fit your project. 
  • You are NOT allowed to add vocals, instruments or sounds, and then sell it, distribute it or in any way claim it as your own music.

Are your tracks PRO or Non-PRO Tracks?

All our tracks are currently Non-PRO Tracks which means that there are no additional costs for you to use our music, and no cue-sheets to fill out and send to a Performing Rights Organization (PRO).

 What format are tracks available in?

 All tracks are 44k, 24bit WAV files.

If you have a question that´s not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us