Download Royalty Free Energetic Background Music

Energetic Music

Need to add some energy to a video? Our royalty free energetic music could be just the right fit. Made up of upbeat percussion and animated rock guitars, it’s the perfect accompaniment to an energetic scene. 

You can sample the music above - included is an energetic cinematic rock trailer and a high energy rock intro for when you really want to rev up the energy 

When to use our energetic music? 

It’s totally up to you as to how you apply our music. Below are just a few examples of applications where our energetic music could be a great fit: 

  • Video intro: Want to create an attention-grabbing intro to your video? Whether you’re looking to accompany some fast-paced opening credits or a dramatic opening commentary, our energetic music is certain to capture people’s attention. 
  • Action montage video scene: Our energetic music could be great for accompanying a fast-paced action montage scene. This could include anything from a promotional video for an exercise boot camp, a behind-the-scenes video of you working on an action-packed project or even a car chase in an independent movie. Use our high energy rock intro for when you want to up the pressure. 
  • Event montage scene: You could also use our energetic music for scoring a montage of a big event. This could be anything from a music festival to a motorsports track day to a trade show. 
  • Movie trailer: Making an independent action movie? Our energetic music could also incorporate well into a fast-paced movie trailer. 

These are just some of the possible ways to use our energetic music -  feel free to get creative with other applications. 

Why choose royalty free music? 

There are two main ways of paying for music: ‘rights managed’ and ‘royalty free’. With rights managed music, you have to pay ongoing fees known as ‘royalties’ - these fees depend on how many times the music gets played and the geographical location the music is played in. With ‘royalty free’ music, you only have to pay one upfront fee and you can then use the music wherever you want

Royalty free music is typically less complicated to use. You don’t have to worry about racking up high royalty bills if your videos get lots of plays or if your video gets played in a certain location. Instead you simply pay a single payment when purchasing the music, after which you can use it for any purpose - commercial or non-commercial. 

Many small companies and independent content creators tend to use royalty free music because it is easier to budget for and can be used more freely. 

Download our royalty-free energetic music today 

Our royalty free energetic music could be just what you need to give your video content the edge. Download it today and start applying it to your videos. 

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Our Energetic Music used in YouTube Videos