Download 30 Second Music Clips

Our 30 Seconds Music used in YouTube Videos

Why 30 seconds of music?

This is because it can help you create an impact in the way that you want to. If you’re advertising an automobile, why not use a badass soundtrack throughout the ad as background music?

This will allow you to show the car in action while creating a positive association with it. You can impact moods based on the music you choose and help establish a positive opinion in your target audience's minds.

You can even communicate your brand’s personality with the right 30 seconds of music in your content. 

Music & Video is the perfect combination

Visuals are preferred by marketers today because of their ability to communicate stories to their target audience.

Most people are aware of how important visuals are today. A small aspect that often gets left out in the discussion on the importance of visuals is sound. 

Think about your favorite ad or even film. Wouldn’t it be a completely different experience to watch it without the right sound effects accompanying it?

Even the most stunning visuals can benefit from the addition of sounds and create a bigger impact. Similarly, music can take your visuals to the next level.    

How long is the music you will be using?

The answer to that question depends on what you’re depicting through your content.

Thirty seconds of music can be used by you to highlight products in ads, denote change in mood in films, or serve as the background music in podcasts.

You could even add it to vlogs, videos and use it to emphasize aspects of your content that you want to draw special attention to.  

There is a need to make sure the music you choose will resonate with your audience. There are plenty of royalty-free sources like these where you can find the right track for you.

You can even check out other royalty-free sites for 30 seconds music that will complement your content.