Download 60 Second (1 Minute) Royalty-Free Background Music

Our Music Used in YouTube Videos

60-second music clips

How impactful can 60 seconds of music be?

The answer: very impactful (if you do it right, that is)!

Most brands today are investing in social media marketing. Platforms like Instagram allow for 60 seconds videos to be posted to the feed to reach out to followers. In such cases,

When to use 60 seconds of music

60-second music clips can even serve as the background music for your full video. 

  • Are you pairing up with an influencer for an unboxing video?
  • Do you want to announce the launch of your latest product?
  • Do you want to upload a product review video with some kick-ass background sounds to enhance your video?

The right 60 seconds music can come in handy at such times.    

Sixty seconds of music can even be used in films when you’re leading up to the revelation of a plot twist.

You could even use it to take your audience on a journey through vlogs, videos, and podcasts

How Music can help Your Business

Combining the right 60 seconds of music with your content will allow you to arouse the emotions you want in your audience.

You can make them view you more positively and remember you better. You can use the 60 seconds music to complement your content such that your brand’s personality stands out.   

The benefits derived from creating such associations using 60 seconds music will ultimately translate into more sales for your business.

People will be drawn to your content more and can easily be directed to your product or service pages. 

The key is to pick the right 60 seconds music to pair your content with among the many options available online.

It is necessary that you choose royalty-free music from trusted online sources. This way, you won’t face any copyright issues later.