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Cinematic Music

Looking for some royalty free cinematic music to accompany your video? Our cinematic music could be just right for your needs. Check out the samples above. 

What is "royalty free" CINEMATIC music? 

When buying royalty free music, you only have to pay for the music once. You can then use it for as many purposes as you like as many times as you want without having to pay any extra fees. 

This is different from ‘rights managed’ music, which requires purchasers to pay ‘royalties’. Royalties are ongoing fees that are determined based on how many times the music is played and what region the music is played in. 

By choosing royalty free music, you can avoid the hassle of dealing with royalties and you have more freedom to use the music as you please. Many small businesses and content creators find it much easier to use royalty free music as it can be used more flexibly and is easier to budget for. 

When to use cinematic music? 

Cinematic music is ideal for when you want to create the thrill of a movie scene. It has a driving epic sound to it that tells the listener something big and exciting is happening. 

A few great applications for our royalty free cinematic music could include: 

  • An inspirational video: Looking to inspire people to rally behind your cause? Or perhaps you want to offer some motivational advice? Cinematic music could be great for providing that sense of hope. 
  • A product launch teaser video: Want to get people excited for the launch of your new product? Cinematic music could help to reinforce that sense of excitement. 
  • A movie trailer: If you’re making an independent movie, you could also consider adding some cinematic music in the trailer. Cinematic music is based on movie scores, so what better place to use it than a movie trailer? 
  • A celebration/round-up video: Looking to celebrate some of the best moments of your company or organization within the past year with a video? Creating a much-awaited YouTube listicle video? Or perhaps you’ve got footage of you completing a physical challenge or project such as a mountain climb or art piece that you’ve been working hard towards. Cinematic music could be great for accompanying a nostalgic montage or for scoring that final moment of achievement. 
  • A fascinating educational video: Cinematic music could also be great for accompanying some mind-blowing stats or a video of a fascinating event or location. It can help to give any video that wow factor you’re after. 

These are just some of the possible applications for cinematic music. Feel free to get creative and place our music wherever you feel it fits. 

Download our royalty-free cinematic music today 

Our cinematic music is high quality and suitable for all kinds of purposes. Download our royalty free cinematic music today and see how it can transform your video. 

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